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Valued tips come from the persons who live and breathe the city of Porto. And those are AtWill guides. See their accommodation tips!


Tunas – So…what is a Tuna?!

The Tunas are a huge part of the College scene in Porto and Portugal. Learn all about these music groups that you might find around the city!


The Sé: Porto´s Cathedral

One of the most ancient landmarks of Porto is the Sé. And what is the Sé, you ask?! It’s Porto´s Cathedral. See why you should definitely visit while here!


The Forgotten Rivers of Porto

Besides the magnificent Douro, Porto had other rivers that complete its history and stories! And we know exactly where they passed! Learn some more of the hidden secrets of the city with us! Take a look!

civil war

Porto and the Civil War – Part II

Porto is known since the Civil War has the Invicta city! This happend after the city endured a long siege…Take a look at our post and learn all about it!