Find here the answers to the most common questions (FAQ’s) about the operation of the site, our experiences, and other important matters.

What is “Atwill”?

Atwill is a tourism company. We aim for the best tour experience picked and designed by our clients according to their specific expectations. A different and special tour designed by the person who knows you best. YOU. We give you the right tools so you can PICK, BOOK and especially HAVE FUN with us.

How does Atwill.pt work?

Our online platform, Atwill.pt. offers a wide range of experiences and tours. Our users can find a detailed description of each tour and make online reservations; users may also build their own plan for the trip and use our schedule for a better and intuitive booking experience.

PICK – Choose your dates and select the tours and experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.
BOOK – Confirm your data and pay with all the security provided by VISA, MASTERCARD AND PAYPAL.
HAVE FUN – Once in Porto, follow the planed scheme and just have fun!


How can I book a “special request”?

On the homepage you can find a “SPECIAL REQUEST” box. Click it. Be bold and write down your wishes for your trip. We will start planning your experience immediately and once it´s booked, we will send you a confirmation email along with the payment information.

How can I reach Atwill?

Please send your comments, requests and opinions to:
atwill@atwill.pt or (00351) 939 309 660

How and when do I have to pay?

Making payments at “Atwill” is simple and secure. Insert your credit card or Paypal information. Portuguese bank account holders may also use “Multibanco” payment system. Reservation and payment are simultaneous and once payment is done you should receive a booking confirmation immediately or within 24h, depending on the booked experiences or tours.

Accepted payment

Visa Electron, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and Paypal are accepted.

How long are our experiences?

We have a wide variety of tours and experiences. We have experiences that last one hour and experiences that last 8 hours. Please check the detailed information on the tour or experience page.

Can we take a break during he experience?

Sure. All experiences were designed to relax and have fun so we won´t rush anyone. Our guide will adapt the tour pace to your pace. So, feel free to rest or take as many pictures as you wish.

Can I book an experience just for myself?

Of course. If there´s a group taking the same tour at the same time we will try to include you in that group or, if there is no group or if you want to go alone with our guide, that´s also perfect. Just let us know what your preference is.

How do I get ready?

You may find all the important info about the experience on the experience page. However, we think you should always wear confortable shoes and clothes. You may bring a backpack, water, a snack and, of course, your camera.

Do I need special gear?

No. We will provide you with all the essential gear for surfing (wetsuit and surfboard) or ridding a bike (bike and helmet).

What languages are used for the tours?

Each tour page gives you the information about the used languages.

Where is the meeting point for the tours?

Each tour page gives you the information about the tour, including the meeting point.

Functioning hours
Atwill.pt, as an online booking platform, is working 24h a day. Our tours will take place between 8 am and 10pm. Our office is working between 9 am and 7pm, Monday through Saturday.


Reservation Policy

Any experience can be booked 24h in advance or, in some cases, experiences may be bookable only a few hours in advance. Each tour page gives you booking information.

Cancelation Policy

Atwill accepts email cancelation of tours. You may not cancel within the previous 48h before the beginning of the tour. If you cancel within this time limit, Atwill will issue a full refund. After this deadline cancelations will not be refunded.