What to do at… Cedofeita Street

Cedofeita Street is one of the busiest pedestrian streets in Porto!

It got its name after a church built in 599 by a Swabian king. Legend says that this church was built in such an incredible speed that people come to call “cito facta” (meaning “early made”), which later was transformed into Cedofeita. Walking around it you would never imagine such a cool story behind its toponymic :)

Cedofeita Street, a gem in the heart of Porto.

Most buildings at Cedofeita Street are from the end of the 19th century. They are narrow and tall, with small balconies and full of tiles. Nowadays, most of them are being renovated and a lot of new businesses are emerging. Here are our tips on what to check at Cedofeita Street:

Cafetaria Aliança is the right spot for a quick break while exploring the area! Find a sit at the esplanade and  watch the buzzling of the street. They have great Portuguese pastry! We suggest you to try, besides the classical Pastel de Nata, the delicious Húngaro or the sinful Jesuíta. You’ll burn all the calories walking around Porto!

Confeitaria Aliança
Jesuítas: puff pastry, egg cream and suggary icing. Just delicious!

If you are a beer lover and already tried the typical Super Bock, head to Catraio Craft Beer ShopTav. Castraio was the first bar of its kind to open in Porto and it’s big among locals and tourists. Go to the balcony and ask the super nice staff which local beer you should try, according to your taste. They are always up to recommend new things!

Catraio Craft Beer Shop, for delicious beer!

And if you are interested in explore Porto outside the usual touristic track, book a Porto B Side tour with us! We will show you our favorite places according to your interests. Let’s explore local cool restaurants, bars, galleries and much more :)

Photos: RedShoesBlog|Porto24|Tavi.