Weekend approaching! Let´s enjoy Porto and what the city has to offer!

Long weekend approaching! Let´s enjoy Porto and what the city has to offer!

The weekend is around the corner and we have so much to wait for! Monday is a national holiday so you will have more time to explore the city and see all that is happening!

Porto is again full of activities and programs! Experience the city as the locals and go to one of the events we gathered for you:



On Saturday, April 29th  is the World Day of Thai Chi! This day will be celebrated in the gardens of Palacio de Cristal with a mega class and meditation workshop. Between 11am and 12.30pm you can appreciate the tranquility of the gardens and have a “me time” while visiting the city! To do so you just need to register here!

tai-chi weekend

If you are visiting with children you should definitely take them to the Transports and communications Museum of Porto! There you will find “Leonardo Da Vinci – The Inventions of a Genius”, a huje exhibition on the life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci. See some of the machines and inventions that this genius mind built and what he discover (in so many different areas of knowledge!) just for being so curious…


The DDD Festival – Days of Dance is happening this weekend and offers a lot of dance and music! Throughout the cities of Porto, Gaia and Matosinhos and in different venues, several contemporary dance shows will embellished our days off! More information on the official website


Art is for everyone this weekend! The simultaneous inaugurations of the Art galleries in Miguel Bombarda Street are calling you! The event counts with other parallel activists such as music, performances and guided tours to the galleries. From 4pm of the 29th you can´t not be present!


Hope you liked our suggestions! If you want some local company to explore Porto, AtWill is the perfect choice! Give us a call and we will guide you through the most fun events and places! :) 

Photos: Porto.pt; Visitporto