Why you should visit… the city park

Explore Porto with us. Today our tip is the city park!


Porto’s city park is the biggest urban park in Portugal – and the only one in Europe with an ocean front! Designed by the landscape architect Sidónio Pardal, in 2000 the City Park won a prize of one the most remarkable works constructed in Portugal in the 20th century.

city park

This place is much loved among locals and everyone goes there on sunny days! You can go there for a run, to rest after the beach or maybe to have a picnic. Either way, it’s a place you shouldn’t miss a visit to the City Park if you want to see how the locals live! Some attractions located close to the City Park are:


Sea Life is perfect if you’re travelling with kids! With 30 water tanks, Sea Life gives you the chance to discover sharks, rays, turtles, all kinds of fish and much more. Take a break at the coffee shop, which has a great ocean view!

city park

Also really close is Castelo do Queijo,  a fortress built in the 17th century to prevent the city against pirate attacks. Its official name is São Francisco fortress, but it’s popularly known as Castelo do Queijo – which means literally Cheese castle! It has one of the most beautiful views of the Atlantic sea.

city park

To eat, go to Soundwich, a place where you can have delicious sandwiches designed by famous Portuguese chefs! With 7 special options, try to find your favorite :)city park

We hope you have enjoyed our suggestions! Don’t forget to check other posts on places you should visit in Porto :) And if you want to explore the city in a different way, experiencing the local lifestyle and the most genuine places in this beautiful city, book a tour with us!

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