Why you should visit… Casa do Infante

A few weeks ago we told you about the history of Henry, the Navigator – the prince responsible for the Portuguese  Age of Discoveries. Today, we advice you to visit Casa do Infante, a great place to learn more about Portugal’s and Porto’s history!

Casa do Infante owns its name do to the fact that is believed that prince Henry was born here,  in 1394. But the building has a history that goes back to 1325, when King Afonso IV ordered the construction of the Alfândega Régia (Royal customs house).

casa do infante
Casa do Infante, at Porto’s riverside area.

This location was also the house of the stockman of that time, which explains why the Prince was born there: his parents, King João I and Queen Filipa, used to stay in the stockman’s houses while traveling. It also housed the Casa da Moeda (coin house), which began operating in 1369.

Nowadays, Casa do Infante hosts a museum, a thematic library, an auditorium and the City Historical Archives. It is the perfect place for anyone who loves history! The entrance is free of charge during weekends (and only 2,20€ during week days).

casa do infante
View of the exhibition at Casa do Infante.

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Adress: Rua da Alfândega 10
Phone number: +351 222060435
Price: Free on weekends | 2,20€ during the week.
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 to 12am | 2 to 5 pm.