Top 5 favorite restaurants in Porto – From the cheapest to the fanciest!

Porto is a great destination for foodies and I’m sure you already knew that. But the best thing regarding the gastronomical local scene is that there are options for every budget! Is doesn’t matter if you’re the exclusive-and-luxury kind of tourist or the stingy traveler, Porto has something great for you! To prove our point, here’s a selection of our Top 5 favorite restaurants in Porto, from the cheapest to the fanciest:


Casa Guedes

We told you about this place on our Top 5 places to have great typical sandwiches. The pork and Serra da Estrela cheese combination makes a sandwich to die for, but they also serve very affordable lunch dishes! Go there if you’re looking for home-made Portuguese food, like caldo verde, alheira and octopus rice, just to name a few. Don’t forget to combine with the local vinho verde!

Price: € – approximately 12€ for 2 persons.

restaurants in Porto

Casa Nanda

This is a very typical Portuguese restaurant, with great food served in big portions! The fish fillet is very fresh and the rice with beans is to die for. It’s usually crowded and if you’re going for dinner it’s better to make reservations. We advise you to go for lunch and with some spare time (the service is very nice but not the fastest).

Price: approximately 25€ for 2 persons.

restaurants in Porto

Brasão Cervejaria

Brasão got so famous that they need to open a second restaurant! They’re known for their Francesinha – Porto’s most typical dish –, but the menu has other options, which is great if you’re with people that may want to eat something else. For the meat-lovers out there, try their steak with mushrooms. To drink, try some local craft beer like Sovina.

Price: approximately 30€ for 2 persons.

restaurants in Porto


One of the coolest places to go in town! With its modern and unique menu, this restaurant will surprise you for sure. They have three different menu options: Medroso (fearful), Cauteloso (cautious) and Cruel (!). Choose whatever fits you best and get ready for a meal-experience! They advise the visitors to choose different menus and share among friends, which we also think is a great idea.

Price: approximately 40€ for 2 persons.

restaurants in Porto


One of Porto’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Antiqvvm serves contemporary Portuguese gastronomy created by chef Vitor Matos. With one amazing view over the Douro River, it’s a great place for a romantic meal! Their lunch menu cost 25€ per person with one drink included, which is pretty cheap considering everything their offer: cool atmosphere, great service and fresh ingredients.

Price: lunch will cost approximately 50€ for 2 persons; for dinner, approx. 80€.

restaurants in Porto

We hope you have enjoyed our suggestions of restaurants in Porto! Try the ones that fits your budget and maybe give a chance to one that’s out of your confort zone – you might surprise yoursefl! And if you want to learn all about Portuguese gastronomy while tasting some great food, book our Porto Food Tour :)

Photos: TripAdvisor