5 things you must do while in Porto!

Ribeira, Lello Bookshop, Majestic Café, São Bento Station, Port wine… If you already did some research on places to visit in Porto, then you problably heard these names. And they are great places that you should visit while in town, for sure! But if you want to go further the usual touristic route, then check our list of 5 things you must do while in Porto!

Go to a Fado concert

Fado is a music genre that translates really well the Portuguese soul! With its mournful tunes and lyrics, often talking about missing someone, Fado is characterized by a sentiment of melancholia. It is considered as immaterial patrimony by UNESCO! So once in Porto, you have to see it live. One of the most famous places to see a Fado concert is Casa da Mariquinha, where you can also have dinner. If you want a more informal atmosphere, then head to Adega Rio Douro on Tuesdays, where Fado Vadio (made by non-professional singers) is played all afternoon!

things you must do while in Porto
Fado at Casa da Mariquinha.

Eat super fresh seafood in Matosinhos or Afurada

In general, the whole country serves delicious seafood. But near Porto there are two fisherman’s village that exceeds the regular standart of deliciousness! If you go to Matosinhos, look for the street R. Heróis de França, where you can find numerous restaurants just aside each other. Anthony Bourdain was there on his last visit to Porto! Afurada is on the other side of the river so a bit tricky to get there, but totally worth it. We recommend the amazing Casa do Pescador, where the food is delicious and the portions are huge!

Have a beer at Guindalenses F.C

This super low-profile bar has one of the best views of the Douro river! Located just aside the Guindais Funicular (near the medieval wall by D. Luiz Bridge), the place belongs to a local soccer club, but is open to everyone who wants to hang out, have a beer and eat some tremoços. Enjoy the views!

things you must do while in Porto
Views at Guindalenses FC

Get tickets to Casa da Música

The most famous concert hall in Porto is visited not only by music-lovers but also by those who are into architecture! Designed by Dutch star-architect Rem Koolhaas, we advice you to join a guided tour to the building – it is amazing! Visits in English happen everyday at 11am and 4pm (tickets cost 7,50€). And if you got the chance, get tickets for a concert there! It is an unique experience :)

Watch the sunset from Jardim do Morro

Last but not least, go see the sunset at Jardim do Morro, a small park near the upper part of D. Luiz Bridge, in Gaia. Get ready for breathtaking views! Optional but highly recommended: bring with you a good bottle of wine and some nice company, and enjoy the best sunset of your life!

things you must do while in Porto
Sunset at Jardim do Morro!

We hope you enjoyed our special tips on things you must do while in Porto! And if you want to explore the city with an expert local guide, don’t forget to book your private tour with AtWill :)

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