Streets of Porto – Santa Catarina


Santa Catarina Street is one of busiest streets in town!

Full of coffee shops and stores, it’s the perfect place to find anything you want, from clothes to food and souvenirs. The history of this street goes back to 1662, when on that region existed a small chapel in a villa in honor of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. On official records, in 1784 the street was already named Rua Nova (meaning ‘new street’) de Santa Catarina and it was extended until Praça do Marquês.

The first Portuguese movie was shot on this street! It’s a 1896 shot movie entitled “A Saída do Pessoal Operário da Fábrica Confiança” (“Workers Coming Out of the Confiança Factory ”). Check it out:

There’s a lot to see at Santa Catarina Street! Here are our tips:

If you’re coming from Praça da Batalha, check the first two corners of the street: both are great examples of Art Nouveau facades. Going up the street you’ll find the famous Café Majestic, opened in 1921 and up to today still an elegant place to have a fancy tea. We love the Rabanadas they made! If it’s too crowded (usually is) go to Salão de Chá Império, really close and almost as old as Majestic – it was inaugurated in 1944.

Take some pictures of the beautiful tiles of Santa Catarina Chapel (also known as Soul’s Chapel). Once there you can take a few steps and check the famous Bolhão Market.

Santa Catarina

You can find one of the best Francesinhas in town on this street! Walk up to No. 1147 (almost at the end of the street) and you’ll find Bufete Fase, a small local restaurant that serves marvelous food. Ask, of course, for a Francesinha and a beer – but be careful: it’s really spicy!

Bufete Fase

Hope you enjoy this busy Street as much as we do! Don’t forget that you can always learn some more about Porto with AtWill’s tours! And discover more about other Streets of Porto here :)

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