Streets of Porto – Alegria Street

Discover the street of Porto with us! This week: Alegria Street.

This street has a very unusual name: Alegria means happiness, which means this lane is literally named Happiness Street! Opened in 1834, it is said that it got its name to celebrate the joy and happiness of the liberal victory in the civil war. After the end of the war the new government decided to give new names to numerous streets in Porto, in a way to celebrate the war heroes and dates of military and political importance. But some streets have gotten more allegorical names, like Triumph Street, Regeneration Street… and Happiness Street!

alegria street
In 1857 this street was extended until Poveiros Square, configuring the way Alegria Street is up to today – it has more than 2 kilometers of length. And of course it has lots of places to see and visit! Today our suggestions are for places to eat at Alegria Street:

Casa Nanda

This place started as a tasca – a simple place with homemade food – but nowadays it holds a restaurant status! Even with the upgrade, Casa Nanda‘s food is still very traditional, and like the Portuguese gastronomy in general is quite simple but full of flavor. The cozy atmosphere and nice service get completed with a plate of Tripas à moda do Porto (you can’t go more local than that!), a glass of homemade wine and, for dessert, the typical Rabanadas.


If you’re looking for a little more fanciness, then just keep going up Alegria Street until you reach Miradouro Hotel. On the top floor you will find Portucale, a restaurant known for having one of the best views of Porto! The decoration of both the hotel and the restaurant are a bit too vintage, but the service and the food excel for its quality. Good for a romantic dinner! Don’t miss the homemade desserts, especially the conventual sweets.

Oporto Confeitaria

Located at the end of Alegria Street, Oporto Confeitaria is a good place to try the famous Portuguese pastry! Everything is fresh and the service is great. Try the croissants (even though not typical from Portugal but sooo good) and pastéis de natas – well, of course! A good place for breakfast or an afternoon snack, it located just beside Combatentes subway station.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions! And if you want to discover more about Porto, it’s streets and history, book a Porto History Master Class with us. Learn everything about this amazing city :)

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