What to do in Porto in January!

Ok, we all know that January isn’t the best month to travel if we are talking about the north part of the globe. It’s winter, it may be really cold outside, even snowing in some countries… It can be difficult to truly enjoy a trip to a new place. But despite the wheather, Porto can be a great destination for a winter break!

Portugal isn’t as cold as many other european countries. In Porto, our average temperature in January varies from 5o to 10o C (around 40o to 55o F)! Pretty good, right? Well, it does rain quite often, but if you’re lucky you may have one or two days rain-free to walk around the city. Independently if its rainning or not, here are a few tips on what to do in Porto in January!

Get a ticket for a special event

Since the wheather is not going to be super sunny and warm, staying inside is a good choice. Watch an orchestra at the amazing Casa da Música, or maybe something more popular at Coliseu. Another good option is going to a Fado concert, the ultimate portuguese music genre that you have to check while in Porto!

Porto in January

Visit museums

Museums are a great idea to visit in January. In Porto, you can check the biggest museum dedicated to contemporary art, the Serralves Museum, designed by the famous architect Álvaro Siza. Another museum you can visit is Soares dos Reis, which holds a great collection of portuguese painting and sculpture. Close to it is the famous Miguel Bombarda Street, Porto’s art district. Go explore the local art galleries!

Porto in January

Take a surf lesson

This is an idea for the most adventurous traveler! In Porto you can take a surf lesson at any time of the year. The weaves in Matosinhos are great for begginers and surf schools are open on winter. So how about trying a new sport and living the local surf lifestyle on your next trip to Porto? :)

Porto in January

Drink a lot of wine

Portugal is the 10th biggest wine producer in the world! So what’s better than experimenting all its varieties? In Porto you need to try the famous Port wine, a fortified wine that can only be made in the Douro region. Other wines to discover are the red wine from the Douro vineyards, the Portuguese Green wine, Moscatel, Espadal… There are so many! Check this post to learn a little more about them.

Porto in January

Join us for a Porto Food Tour!

Last but not least, you should join us for a Porto Food Tour, an experience to discover local flavors in the most authentic spots in town! On this private tour, you will try five different petiscos (small portions of food) and five different drinks. Besides eating, we will tell you all the stories behind the dishes and show you our favorite places in Porto. It’s a unique experience! If you’re into food, also check our Porto Foodie Itinerary for more ideas on where to go and what to eat!

Porto in January

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