Porto featured on Heineken’s new ad – Check it here!

The ad will be broadcasted at UEFA Champions League final match!


Later on, everyone will be watching the final match of UEFA Champions LeagueJuventus and Real Madrid will be competing for the title at the National Stadium of Wales, in Cardiff. During the game broadcast, Heineken will launch its new ad – named “No More Barriers“. The short movie features Portuguese coach José Mourinho and was filmed in Vila Nova de Gaia, showing beautiful images of  Porto!

Check it here:

As we told you before, in THIS POST, here in Porto we are big fans of soccer – and, obviously, FC Porto is a major entity in town! Today, everyone in town will be watching the match and proudly see our beloved Porto featured on such a big occasion :)

The ad will be broadcast to 98 countries – which will surely fall in love with our amazing city! Come and visit us before they do ;)