Outside Porto – Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is the oldest village in Portugal!

Located in the Minho area, this place is known by its medieval architecture and the beautiful natural areas of the Lima River.

In the 14th century, D. Pedro I noticed the strategical position of the village and built a big defensive wall and, from that time, two of the nine towers still remain! There is more to see in Ponte de Lima, here are some of our suggestions to your visit:

ponte de lima

Well, of course you must see the bridge that gives the name to the village (Ponte means bridge!). A primitive bridge was built in the Roman times, from which there’s some parts on the right side of the river, but the medieval construction was a notable architectural work, full of balance and beauty. Still today the bridge is used by thousands of pilgrims that are on the Santiago de Compostela path!

Ponte de Lima

The Arnado Park, located next to the bridge, is another spot to visit! Explore its gardens, relax on a bench and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. After that go to the historical center of the village and get lost in the medieval streets! Don’t forget to check the Matriz Church and the tower of the Old Jail.

Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima



To finish your visit, you should try the famous typical Arroz de Sarrabulho that comes together with Rojões! I will not explain this dish because I would ruin the surprise, but all I can say is that this will definitely make you warm on winter time :)


We hope you liked our suggestions and go visit Ponte de Lima after exploring Porto with usClick here to see our other suggestions on the section Outside Porto!

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