Outside Porto – Piódão

Piódão is a small village in the heart of Portugal, located 196 km away from Porto (approximately a 2 hour trip) at the beautiful Serra do Açor (Açor Hill). While driving in the sinuous rods of the hill you will be suddenly surprised by the view of Piódão, with its gorgeous stone houses with blue doors standing along the terraces of the slopes.

is classified as a National Historical Village and is known as the most traditional village in the country! All the streets and houses are made of xisto (“Shane” in English, it is a local kind of rock) and the doors and windows are all painted in vivid blue. Legend says that the local store only had blue paint so that’s why everything has that color! If that story is true we cannot say, but what we can assure you is that you will fall in love with this village as soon as you get there!

Back in 1950, Piódão was an isolated place with no electricity, no roads, no teachers, and no doctors… not even one public phone! This started to change and the basic needs got covered, but at the same time the local population started to shrink. Nowadays less than 200 people live there, since the younger generation has migrated to big cities or even to other countries.

Even with the increasing rates in tourism the population of Piódão still lives in a quite isolated manner. This makes the village the perfect destination for a calm and peaceful weekend! Take your time to walk through its hilly and narrow streets, taste the local food and relax in the countryside atmosphere. It is worth to spend the night in Piódão just to have a view of the lights in this amazing little village! Visit Piódão and discover Portugal’s essence!

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