Outside Porto: Vila Nova de Cerveira! Explore Portugal with AtWill!

Let´s get around Portugal with AtWill!

With this good weather there is nothing better than travel and explore! There is a lot to see around the Northern Portugal and from Porto you can visit several different cities. Today we introduce you to Vila Nova de Cerveira! Located just at 106 Km of Porto, in the border with Galiza in Spain, you can easily get to Vila Nova de Cerveira. You can drive, take a bus or train and be there in two hours tops.

This is a very cultural and picturesque village surrounded by mountains and by the Minho River. Founded over the fourteen century this village has a little bit of all: History, Arts, Culture and Nature.


Here some places we think you should visit:

The historical center is a must in Cerveira. Just get lost in it! You will find, for example, the Medieval Castle, founded in 1320 by the king D. Dinis that served as the main line of defense of the village. Some of the original doors still remain and from the inside you have one of the best views over the Minho River.

The São Paio Convent, a fourteen century convent was restored by José Rodrigues and displays the work of this respected Portuguese sculptor. In a perfect combination of old and modern architecture you can see the convent´s beautiful cloisters, its gardens and the new wing with several exhibitions.


The Cervo viewpoint: The symbol of the Village of Cerveira is a Hart. To pay an homage to that figure and to remember the times when harts populated the area, José Rodrigues fixed an iron sculpture of a Hart in the heights point of the Village, the Crasto Mountain. It is a serene place to be in touch with Nature and you can´t miss it!

Known as the Village of the Arts, due to its early Art Biennales (since 1978), event that still happens today, it is a must to visit the Cultural Forum where the Biennial Museum  is located. Here you can find amazing works from the previous editions.


Alongside the historical monuments, throughout Cerveira, you can find several contemporary sculptures from various artists.

If you are a contemporary art junky this village is definitely for you!

In Cerveira you must also try some regional gastronomy: pork meet is the star! Try the Rojões à Minhota and the Papas the Sarrabulho a strong dish made with pork, chicken meet and pork blood. It might sound weird and the looks are not appealing but it is actually pretty yummy! You must have it with Vinho Verde (green wine) produce in the region!

Hope you enjoy our tips of Cerveira and get to know this beautiful area! Of course you can also count on us to give you some more advices on what to do in Porto and Northern Portugal. Just give us a call!



Photos: Cm-Cerveira| Viagens à Solta| Ekonomista