Outside Porto I – Barcelos

Here at AtWill we are all about the beautiful city of Porto, but as locals, we surely can give you some inside tips about other cities you can visit while in Portugal.

Our aim is that you enjoy as much as you can from your trip and since we cannot go along with you to other locations, we can give our best advice on where to go and what to do Outside Porto! Our tip this week is Barcelos.


Located a bit north from Porto is Barcelos, a beautiful medieval village known for its handcrafted pottery and ceramics. It is also home of the Galo de Barcelos (Barcelo’s Rooster) – a colorful cockerel that is acknowledged as a symbol of Portugal.

Every Thursday the city hosts a local market in Campo da República, attracting local people – and tourists – to buy and sell all kinds of things: fruits and vegetables, ceramics, kitchenware, souvenirs and so on. The market started running as an annual event in the 15th century and until today its importance remains.

Other attractions in Barcelos are the Nossa Senhora do Terço Church and the ruins of the Paço dos Duques de Bragança, dated from the 15th century that now works as an open-air archeological museum. Wander around its medieval streets with baroque houses, sculpted stonework, colorful tiles and swirly railings. If you get hungry look for Casa dos Arcos for a good typical meal and don’t forget to try the local Green Wine!

Portugal is full of charm and history! If you want to learn all about the great city of Porto, book with us a Porto Downtown Tour or a Porto History Master Class. We’ll be glad to share everything we know with you!