Become a Tripeiro – Lesson #5

Learn how to mix with the locals in Porto – using bad words!


Yes, a true Portuense is not afraid of expressing himself, even if this mean using a few bad words or expressions! It is very normal in Porto to use some words that would be considered rude in other cities, but if you want to become a Tripeiro you must get used to it! :D


Here’s a few examples:

  • Morcão: use to call someone that you think is stupid!
  • Azeiteiro: someone that doesn’t like to work/has bad taste in clothes/is nasty guy;
  • Vai no Batalha: “you’re lying”.
  • Vai te cozer: sounds like “go f*uck yourself” but literally means “go cook yourself”!
  • Sostra: a lazy person;
  • Caguei e andei: means “I really really don’t care”.

But you can only use this expressions with locals! We swear they will not get offended :D

He hope you liked our tips to become a local! If you want to learn more about Porto and its particularities, book a tour with us. You will learn all about Porto’s way of life! Get in touch if you are ready to become a Tripeiro!

Photo: O Porto encanta.