AtWill’s Press Trip: see what we’ve been up to!

Check our busy days showing Porto for our guests!


A few weeks ago, AtWill organized a Press Trip inviting some international bloggers and journalists to visit Porto and Douro with us. We had a full day just for showing them the Douro valley, it’s history, stories, food and, of course, tasting wines and Port – this is obviously a high point in any trip in Portugal! We went to the Douro Museum, took a boat ride in Pinhão and visit a famous Quinta.

On our second day, we went on a walking tour to discover Porto and, at the same time, did a Food tour! We think that this is one of the best ways to truly know a city and its people. In Portugal we have this saying: “Empty stomach doesn’t know joy”… right?! :)

We talked about many things, such as the Portuguese way of living and our history, culture, politics, legends… The day passed by quickly and by the time we noticed it was already dinner time! Then we head to Maus Hábitos, a multi-cultural and iconic space in Porto, for some dinner and music! After it, a few of us went out and had fun in Porto’s famous night scene.

It was a fantastic experience and AtWill’s team loved having everybody in Porto! Thanks to Elizabeth, Stefania and Renato for joining AtWill’s Press Trip!

We leave you with some pictures and a video that Elizabeth, from the blogs Travel Hack and Rosalilium, posted recently!

We hope this inspired you to visit Porto! Don’t forget to book a tour with AtWill! :)